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Farm Days

I wrote this a few months back, after our last trip to our friends' farm. It will be a while between trips as they're off abroad for work for a few years. Good luck on your adventure Mel and Percy, we will miss you but we look forward to Curryfest. Much love xxx Is there anything better when you’re a child than camping with friends in a paddock?  And is there anything better as a parent than to watch your kids running in hectic circles with the children of your long-time friends, laughing, swapping intel back and forth in the funny conversations of 2, 6, 8, 10 and 13-year-olds, learning new skills like how to light a camp fire and fry sausages for elevenses, or how to cast a line in a dam? Days at our friends’ farm are a joy to all of us. They are both an escape and a home coming, comforting and messy as a teenage slumber party; a relaxed sort of chaos.  We bring our kids back to the city tired, with burry socks, matted hair and barely-brushed teeth but fu

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