Hi, I'm Larissa and welcome to Little Pudding! I run a boutique bakery supplying a handful of lovely cafes with delicious cakes and tarts. I also make bespoke celebration and special events cakes to order.

My blog is my practice kitchen, my head space, my mood board, sometimes my travel diary. 

I am a feeder and an over-sharer. I like to gossip over baked-goods, so grab a coffee and pull up a chair. 

I am Mum to two cheeky boys and wife to Mr LP - my CFO, sometimes sous chef and recipe tester.

I have a background in journalism but I swapped the newsroom for a kitchen after my first son was born.If you would like to know more about why and how I started Little Pudding, click on this link to my first post.

Find out how to contact me
hereI would love to read your comments, so chat away or email me at the address below.

All recipes and photos are my own unless specified. If you would like to reproduce them in your blog or publication please email me at larissa@littlepudding.com.au.

You can find me on facebook at Little Pudding and on instagram @littlepudding.



  1. So nice to meet you today! I'll need to increase my laps now that I've found your recipes. Such a great blog!


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