Hello, I'm Larissa. You can find me in the kitchen, probably with a podcast or a book in my ears. I like my coffee black, my wine red or bubbly and my chocolate dark with almonds.

I am a baker with a former life in journalism but I still think best through my fingers, if that makes any sense. I began this blog as a practice kitchen but it has evolved into an online recipe file of my favourites and sometimes, simply a corner where I can write my thoughts. 

I run Little Pudding, a boutique bakery in Sydney supplying a handful of lovely local cafes with homemade cakes and tarts. I also make bespoke celebration and special events cakes to order. The best place to see all the pretty cakes is on instagram @littlepudding or facebook at Little Pudding.

I am a mum to two gorgeous boys who constantly delight and challenge me, and wife to Charlie, my CFO and self-appointed quality control board.

All stories, recipes and photos are my own unless specified. If you would like to include or reproduce them in your blog or publication please email me at larissa@littlepudding.com.au.



  1. So nice to meet you today! I'll need to increase my laps now that I've found your recipes. Such a great blog!


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