The Breakfast Club - Laneway, Cammeray

One of the fun things about moving a couple of postcodes over has been exploring my new hood on foot. It’s hilly, but hey, I eat a lot of cake.

I find you discover the best of anywhere by simply walking around. Like these community herb pots placed along a back street with a sign saying, “pick on your way home.”

It’s how I found Laneway, my favourite of the local cafes. Ducking off the main street through a little square tucked between a carpark and a laneway, I came across its signature black and white striped awning. 

It spoke to me. It said: “This is your kind of place. Order a coffee.” So I did. And it was gooooood

I have been back many, many times since, creature of habit that I am. On my last visit, I brought along my little stylist sister, Dani, and Master N as honorary members of the Breakfast Club. And the time before that, I managed to get Mrs BeaSpoke Quilts and her hubby out of their own leafy haven to join me in mine.

The coffee was great, as usual, and it was ordered as soon as we sat down. A bottle of water and glasses were placed on the table without us having to ask. It’s nice when that happens isn’t it?

From the yummo menu, Dani ordered corn and coriander fritters with avocado salsa, bacon and roasted tomato, with the addition of a poached egg.

I had the slow baked beans with smoked ham hock and soft poached egg. That’s my ultimate breakfast right there. Well, it would’ve been if the toast had been buttered and it included two eggs instead of one but that’s just me griping. The beans were soft and rich and the egg was poached nicely. I was pretty happy.

Dani’s corn fritters, which I’ve had before, were not too pancakey as some can be. With the avocado and bacon, they’re really delicious. Another small gripe: the tomato is halfway to being hard and hasn't been roasted long enough. Surely no one ever eats warmish, slightly hard tomato? Am I wrong? Why do cafes persist with the roasted tomato thing?

Master N, having already scoffed a bowl of porridge earlier at home, had a serve of house made pear and raspberry bread with ricotta for his morning tea. It was buttery and fresh and he polished off every morsel, bar the piece I snuck, then went looking for crumbs.

He also very much rates the babycinos here. Except that they give one marshmallow instead of two, like some of his other favourite haunts. He looks around each side of the cup, searching for the other one in case he’s missed it :) 
He makes me laugh.

The service on the whole is friendly and efficient and the bill is reasonable in my book – about $60 for four coffees, a babycino, two delicious brekkies and a serve of pear and raspberry bread.

Laneway also does a fab lunch. A few of my favourite picks from the menu: 

Slow cooked lamb and pumpkin salad with minted yoghurt and pomegranate
Pulled pork sandwich with chips
Grilled haloumi salad

Laneway's namesake laneway
Not too many people know about it, and maybe the locals want to keep it that way, but for anyone on the north side of Sydney, it’s worth venturing further along Miller Street than Stockland and seeking it out.

5/457 Miller St, Cammeray
Ph: 02 9460 1602
Open for breakfast/lunch 7 days
No website but the cafe’s details are listed on Urban Spoon and Eatability.

In the mornings, Master N and I usually take a walk via Laneway and end up at our local park. 

Have you ever stumbled across a special cafe, park or shop while wandering around your neighbourhood?

Larissa xx


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