Snap It - Every day

Every day, I ...

Bake for cafes

Sometimes with help

I deliver the products here

and here

and a couple of others. I usually stop at one of them with my little helper for this

He also helps me around the house

And then we go for a walk to the park

Every day, I wear these

And spend a bit too much time on this!

Every day, I feel blessed.

Larissa xx

What does every day look like for you? 

Play along with Snap It at Sarah's blog, Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love.


  1. Whata special job you have, making the cakes that people look forward to in cafes. Such a pleasure! I really enjoyed your 'every day' and I thin you are very blessed too. x

  2. What a stunningly beautiful day you have. Your little man is adorable, ditto the big one too!! You lucky girl, love Posie

    1. Thanks Posie! The big one is smiling hugely after reading that over my shoulder!!

  3. I love your little collection of images! And if you need anymore helpers to lick the spoon, my hand is up!

  4. Such gorgeous photos! Loving those friands, they look amazing! xo

  5. Lovely post....and lovely dys by the look of it too

  6. Love the glimpse into your day, really like the look of those coffe shops that you bake for!


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