The Breakfast Club

Not Molly and Judd. Rather, me and C reading the newspapers over coffee and poached eggs while the baby (ideally) has his morning sleep.

There is really only one variable each weekend and that is the venue.

Our needs are simple: good coffee, eggs with runny yolks, sourdough (two pieces – yes, there are stingy buggers out there who really serve one slice) and beans (preferably house-made).

Any return visits hinge on the above criteria. Second chances are rare.

The club gets around, so I thought I might share whenever we come across a good find.

Sunday morning medicine
On a recent Sunday, one much warmer and drier than yesterday’s sodden excuse for a grand final day, we went for brunch at Pony in Neutral Bay.

As mentioned, it was a gorgeous day for being outside, so I wasn’t surprised to find the few tables in the sun taken.

No matter, the light from the signature stained-glass windows was pretty and warm inside, where a waiter helpfully made space for our stroller and took our coffee orders straight up. Tick.

The menu is impressive, with light options like a seasonal fruit plate with smashed raspberry yoghurt or bircher soaked in pear and pineapple with fresh almonds. Closer to summer, these might sway me from my usual. But not today!

I was ready to try the Turkish-style baked eggs with slow cooked beans, house made labna and chilli butter but it was going to take 20 minutes and I didn’t want to push my luck with a sleeping baby.

So I went traditional, with poached eggs on char-grilled sourdough, roasted tomato and a side of cured salmon which was citrusy, herby and delightful. C, who was out the night before toasting (many times) the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony, tucked into the Pony Breakfast (two eggs, bacon, chipolatas, mushrooms and roasted tomato). The chipolatas were good good good and the eggs oozed beautifully when cut into. More ticks.

Poached eggs with cured salmon at Pony

There was only one slip up when C’s order of a second coffee was forgotten, but it was quickly fixed.

While Pony is a local, it’s a slick, sexy local, so when it came to the bill I was prepared to pay “occasion” prices. But we left with change from $50 which I think is more than reasonable for the quality of the food.

It’s definitely a keeper and they take bookings. Tick!

Larissa x

Other BC tips in the same area if Pony is booked out:

v  Thelma & Louise, Hayes St (at the ferry wharf), Neutral Bay

v  Jago’s, Miller St, North Sydney


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